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What to Expect when you
book Dr. Zimmerman:

Dr. Zimmerman's programs are filled with dynamic energy, engaging content, and exciting interaction. If you're looking for a lecture, Dr. Zimmerman is not the speaker for you.

Audiences rave about Dr. Zimmerman's presentations for years after the program ends because Dr. Zimmerman gives them practical tools they can implement right away. He also offers reinforcement tools to keep the purpose, passion and process alive long after each presentation.

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"Thank you so much for your amazing presentations at S.P. Richards' recent conference. While the evaluation forms described your program as 'fantastic ... excellent ... and ... better than the best,' they don't really convey the rampant enthusiasm that I experienced in the hallways after your sessions. Crowds of people stopped me to thank me for hiring you and several described your session as 'life changing'. Some people even sat through the same presentation a second time and made their entire staff drop what they were doing to participate in your sessions. You truly struck a chord with many of these stressed out, multi-tasking entrepreneurs.

- Sandra C. Williams, Director of Dealer Training and Development, S.P. Richards

Popular Presentations:

Dr. Zimmerman customizes each presentation for each audience. However, these continue to be the most popular topics across every industry:

Up Your Attitude

6 Secrets That Turn Potential Into Performance

There is no such thing as an "accidental" champion. Every champion starts the race with an invincible confidence, a clear sense of purpose, and a passionate attitude. And every champion crosses the finish line with constructive risk taking, goal-achieving behavior, and a healthy work-life balance.

With the 6 Secrets revealed in this program, you will breeze through your biggest challenges with ease, delivering on your personal and organizational goals, on time, with competence, and without excuse.


  • Work with a purpose focused on what matters most
  • Build your self-esteem and fortify your self-confidence
  • Strive for excellence and attain peak-performance results
  • Create an undefeatable attitude that propels you to success
  • Leave your comfort zone and take constructive risks that pay off
  • and much more...

4C Leadership

Communication, Cooperation, Commitment, and Change

If you influence other people in any way, you are a leader. The question is: are you as effective as you could be? Are you getting the results you want with other people? And are they as positive, engaged, and achieving as they could be?

With 4C Leadership, the answer will be yes! This program skips the academic mumbo-jumbo and gets right to the nitty-gritty of what really motivates peak performance.


  • Turn negative resistance into positive response
  • Foster ownership and accountability for desired results
  • Build a climate of trust and respect where people flourish
  • Avoid words and actions that defeat and demotivate others
  • Generate enthusiasm that survives even the toughest times
  • ...and much more

Take This Job and Love It!

How To Keep Your Balance In a Stressed-Out World

You don't have to feel overwhelmed. You can have a life and make a living. In this program you'll learn how to reduce your stress and replenish your energy - no matter what is going on at work or at home.

In this program you'll learn about the 8 domains of the full life and tips on how to keep 'em all balanced! You can do it . . . if you just know how.


  • Break through the too much work–too little time dilemma
  • Renew and recharge yourself at any time in any circumstance
  • Turn negative gloom-and-doomers into positive can-do performers
  • Flush away factors hurting morale and productivity of individual contributors
  • Balance your personal-professional lives in the midst of increasing demands
  • ...and much more

The Power of Partnership:

7 Keys to Better Relationships and Greater Teamwork

In spite of all our technological advances, success in today's world still requires a huge amount of people skills. You've got to know how to build relationships . . . so respect and teamwork become a reality instead of flavor-of-the-month buzzwords.

In this program you learn the exact skills that will have people working with you instead of against you.


  • Develop instant rapport that magnetically pulls people towards you
  • Answer the age-old question of "How do I get others to do what I want them to do?"
  • Turn your negative "naysaying" team members into positive "We can do it" team members
  • Effectively resolve the conflicts that inevitably pop up in any interpersonal situation
  • Motivate others with meaningful recognition that doesn't break your budget
  • ...and much more

The Journey to the Extraordinary:

How to Get the Very Best Out of Yourself and Others
(Dr. Zimmerman's 2 Day presentation can be delivered on-site)

You don't have to settle for results that are "good enough." You can be extraordinary, and you can have the extraordinary! You can learn how to release your full potential and create the life and career you've always wanted. You can learn how to bring out the best in others. And when you learn the twelve, how-to, no-fail strategies taught in this intensive, interactive, life-changing, relationship-building, career-enhancing, boot-camp experience, you will have the tools you need to reach the next level ... and the next level ... and beyond ... personally and professionally.


  • Unshakeable Self-esteem & Driving Purpose
  • Meaningful Goals & Positive Attitude
  • Constructive Risk & Healthy BALANCE
  • Climate-building RESPECT & Cooperative ENGAGEMENT
  • Empathic LISTENING & Motivating RECOGNITION
  • Performance FEEDBACK & Do-it-now FOLLOW-THROUGH
  • ...and much more


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"Wow!! Sorry, but that is about all I can think of to say! You know as well as I do that when you end the day with the exact same people as when you began, it must be a good presentation! Especially with this group. It was an amazing presentation. Just what we wanted and exactly as you promised. Thank you very much for being so easy to work with and exceeding our expectations. Now, that being said, we are ready to book you again at our next conference!"

-R. Keith McNally, Program Coordinator
Independent Turf and Ornamental Distributors Association
"GREAT job! The audience was so engaged and having so much fun while they learned that you could have gone on all day. In fact, no one wanted you to quit. That was remarkable. After you left, you need to know that the attendees could not stop talking about your presentation throughout the entire conference. You set the tone for the best Round Table discussions we've ever had. Thank you also for your willingness to modify your message to fit our group. You made my day and made me look good. Thanks! I would be happy to talk to any prospective clients to let them know how you exceeded my expectations and those of the group."

-Jim Mitchell, President
Industrial Distribution Coop
"Dr. Zimmerman is an incredible speaker. During our time with Dr. Zimmerman, he worked tirelessly for us, provided worthwhile insight and met our needs with his knowledge, experiences and words. I am extremely impressed with how well Dr. Zimmerman listened in preparation for his seminar. His words were meant for our staff, but seemed to be in his delivery all the time. The teachers at Clarke CSD were the beneficiaries of a high-quality, high-energy seminar with instantly usable information that will last well into the future."

-Brandon Eighmy, Principal
Clarke Community School District
"Dr. Alan Zimmerman did an outstanding job working with our organization. He delivered four distinct talks–and all were stand-out presentations. Two were with a large group of 200+ and two were with an intimate group of 25. In each audience, Dr. Zimmerman skillfully blended personal storytelling, interesting research/fact, humor, interactive exercises and powerful learning. I highly recommend Dr. Zimmerman. He is a speaker of style and substance who your audience will remember for a long time."

-Madeline C. Caliendo, Associate Administrator
U.S. General Services Administration
"I want to reiterate how much impact you made at our National Sales Meeting. You taught us how to deal with difficult customers and how to become an 'actor' instead of a 'reactor.' I have personally noticed that my colleagues have adopted a more positive attitude towards themselves and a new way to look at problems. Thank you again for an inspiring workshop that led to not only a very pleasant 90 minutes but to some long-term changes!"  

-Julie M St-Pierre, Director
Abbott Nutrition


Call Dr. Z at 1-800-621-7881 or Click the Button Below
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& Availability

"I love what I do, because I get a box seat watching my audience members achieve more than they ever thought possible. My mission is to give you the inspiration and skills you need to achieve your goals and build your relationships. And when it's all over, I'll give you several tools to make sure you actually use everything you learn."


Dr. Z gives his audiences a fresh perspective ... solid life skills ... best business practices ... and a compelling experience. He sends them home and back to work with practical, pull-through tools they can use immediately to maximize their payoffs personally, professionally, and organizationally. It's real-life stuff that really works ... the product of Dr. Z's lifetime of learning, teaching and mentoring others.

Dr. Z does not speak to your organization as some ivory-tower wannabe; he's someone who's actually done everything he teaches. From selling greeting cards door-to-door as a young boy, owning an international import business during his college years, and building one of the most honored speaking and training businesses in the industry, he's speaking from a lifetime of experience and accomplishment.

  • A keynote speaker and seminar leader for more than 25 years.
  • Delivered more than 2,000 programs in 49 states and 22 countries.
  • Worked with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, professional associations, government, education, and healthcare organizations.
  • As a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), he is ranked among the top 7% of all speakers worldwide.
  • Inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame, limited to a small handful of people over the last 30 years, including such notables as President Ronald Reagan, General Colin Powell and best-selling authors Dr. Ken Blanchard and Jack Canfield
  • Earned state and national speaking competition championships for six consecutive years.
  • An astonishing repeat and referral rate of 92%, making Dr. Zimmerman one of today's most sought-after speakers.