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How To Improve Customer Service: The Service Payoff

The Service Payoff

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It gives you all the tools you need to go BEYOND customer service, to go BEYOND customer satisfaction, to achieve customer enthusiasm.  And you’ll be able to use these hundreds of tips and tactics, skills and strategies, on the job, in any job, or even at home, because everyone in your life is a “customer.” One little mistake in customer service could cost you thousands of dollars.

You may lose one customer who spends $15 or $150 with your organization and think it’s no big deal.  But IT IS a big deal.  The research says that that one unhappy customer will tell at least 20 other people about their bad experience.  And most of them will stop doing business with you as well.

So as I asked before … are you willing to invest $19.95 to save $10,000 or more in lost business?

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