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The Payoff Principle

Discover the 3 Secrets for Getting What You Want out of Life and Work

When you find purpose in what you do, exhibit passion for the outcome, and master the process to make it happen, you produce the payoffs you want, need, and deserve.

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How One Turn In Attitude Can Lead To Success

Your attitude is a better predictor of success than any other factor. Learn what most people don’t know …  how to create and maintain a positive attitude.

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Brave Questions

Building Relationships And Teamwork By Asking All The Right Questions

Most communication does little to build a team or a relationship. But real magic happens when you learn to ask “Brave Questions” that go beyond the superficial and get you into deeper, more meaningful conversations.

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The Service Payoff

The Service Payoff

How To Improve Customer Service

The most powerful tool in any business is … good customer service.  Improve what you already know or learn some new skills. In this book you’ll learn how to improve customer service.

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Audio Presentations


The Journey To The Extraordinary

12 Steps To Becoming A Successful Leader

Successful leaders have invariably mastered the 6 keys to personal and professional transformation. But they have also mastered the 6 keys that bring out the best in others … on and off the job. Now you can have all 15 live, unedited, audio MP3s of Dr. Zimmerman’s two-day, life-changing program.   Learn More


Audio Recordings [mp3] $299


Mind Over Matter

Get Bigger PAYOFFS In Life … Let Your Subconscious Work For You

The use of subliminal programming can unlock the 90% of your potential that never gets utilized. In these 6 audio MP3s, you will hear several hours of stimulating music filled with positive subliminal affirmations that will increase your Confidence, Achievement, Success, Energy, Health, and Direction.
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Finding Purpose

Subliminal Direction

Understanding The Need To Make A Turn

There in an undeniable connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body.  This audio recording will fill your mind with hundreds of health-inspiring affirmations that are embedded in 75 minutes of uplifting music.  Repeated listening leads to greater wellness (Part of the Mind Over Matter mp3 album).   Learn More


  Subliminal Direction MP3 only $11.97

Subliminal Health

Subliminal Health

Understanding The Healthy Mind-Body Connection

There in an undeniable connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body.  This audio recording will fill your mind with hundreds of health-inspiring affirmations that are embedded in 75 minutes of uplifting music.  Repeated listening leads to greater wellness (Part of the Mind Over Matter mp3 album) Learn More 


  Subliminal Health MP3 only $11.97


Achievement Motivation

Subliminal Achievement

Unlock More Of Your Potential To Achieve More Than Ever Before

Subliminal programming is a powerful tool that helps you become, have, and do more. It gets rid of your old, self-defeating habits and thoughts that are holding you back, and it fills your mind with new, positive, empowering thoughts that bring about better results(Part of the Mind Over Matter mp3 album).   Learn More


Subliminal Achievement MP3 only $11.97

Self Confidence

Subliminal Confidence

Increase Your Confidence By Feeding Your Mind The Right Thoughts

To bolster your confidence so you feel and do your best, listen to this recording over and over again. Let your conscious mind enjoy the energizing classical music and let your subconscious mind soak up the affirmations of self-esteem and self-respect (Part of the Mind Over Matter mp3 album).   Learn More


  Subliminal Confidence MP3 only $11.97

Visualizing Success

Visualizing Success

The Mind Has A Very Strong Tendency To Fulfill Whatever It Imagines

All goals must be mind-accomplished before they’re materially-accomplished. In other words, you have to see it before you achieve it. So this presentation takes you through an easy, step-by-step process of visualizing your goals so you can go on to achieve them (Part of the Mind Over Matter mp3 album).   Learn More


   Visualizing Success MP3 only $11.97


Subliminal Energy

Change Your Attitude, Behavior And Your Energy By Mental Programming

Energy is not a matter of genetics. It’s a matter of mental programming. With regular listening to these 80 minutes of spirit-lifting music that is saturated with positive affirmations, you will release more enthusiasm and energy whenever you need it (Part of the Mind Over Matter mp3 album).   Learn More


  Subliminal Energy MP3 only $11.97

Take Charge CD_Take Charge CD

Take Charge

6 Strategies For Achieving More Than Ever Before  

Take-Charge leaders have unshakeable self-confidence, a clear sense of purpose, a system for achieving their goals, an unstoppable positive attitude, a willingness to take risks, and a healthy work-life balance. In this MP3 album you will learn how to have all 6 of those things working for you.    Learn More


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Life Balance

Balance: MP3

Any Fool Can Make A Living, But Only The Wise Make A Life

Never before has stress been more common or balance more difficult. The good news is … you don’t have to burn out. There are some things you can do to re-energize yourself and keep your work and life in balance … no matter how crazy things are all around you (Part of the Take Charge mp3 album).   Learn More


Balance MP3 only $11.97

Risk Taking

Risk: MP3

If You’re Not Living On The Edge, You’re Taking Up Too Much Space

If you want more of anything … a better job, a better relationship, better health, better finances, or anything else … you must leave your comfort zone. You have to take more risks … constructive risks … that are likely to pay off personally and professionally (Part of the Take Charge mp3 album).   Learn More


 Risk MP3 only $11.97

Positive Attitude

Attitude: MP3

The Only True Disability In Life Is A Bad Attitude

Highly effective people are also highly positive people. In fact, almost all of their great achievements are preceded by a positive attitude. In this program, Dr. Zimmerman gives you eight, specific, proven ways to get and keep the positive attitude you need (Included in the Take Charge mp3 album).   Learn More


 Attitude MP3 for only $11.97

Setting Goals

Goals: MP3

Good Intentions Are Never Good Enough

According to psychology, victories are 95% mental. In the presentation, you learn how to take control of that 95% … how to eliminate negative thoughts that may be holding you back … how to set your goals … and how to achieve your goals through the use of affirmations (Part of the Take Charge mp3 album).   Learn More


 Goals MP3 only $11.97

Finding Purpose

Purpose: MP3

If You Don’t Stand For Something, You’ll Fall For Anything

If you know your why, any how is possible. In other words, if you know your purpose and if you live your life on purpose, you will experience greater success and more contentment than ever before. This presentation will help you clarify your purpose once and for all (Part of the Take Charge mp3 album).   Learn More


  Purpose MP3 only $11.97

Self Esteem

Self Esteem: MP3

Tune Up Your Self-Image And You Turn Up Your Results

You perform exactly as you see yourself, so it’s absolutely critical that you see yourself in the most positive terms. In this presentation, Dr. Zimmerman outlines his 7 key strategies for L.A.S.T.I.N.G. self-esteem. This is one presentation you need to hear over and over again (Part of the Take Charge mp3 album).   Learn More


Self Esteem MP3 only $11.97


The Relationship Factor:

How to make bad relationships better and good relationships great

Bring out the best in others.  Turn a group into a team.  Learn dozens of time-tested strategies that communicate support, motivate performance, gain cooperation, demonstrate effective listening, resolve conflict, and give appropriate criticism.  You can build or re-build any relationship with these 6 MP3s… Learn More


   6 MP3′s for $68.00


Criticism: MP3

How To Give Negative Feedback In A Way That Others Will Accept

You may spend too much time worrying about a past or future confrontation. After all, no one likes to give or receive negative criticism, but sometimes it’s necessary. This presentation gives you six filters to make sure the negative feedback you give is heard and accepted (Part of the The Relationship Factor MP3 album).   Learn More


Criticism MP3 only $11.97


Conflict: MP3

Simple Strategies To Remove Or Resolve Conflicts On And Off The Job

Conflict is inevitable. Conflict resolution is not. However, you can become much more effective at resolving conflict when you choose your fights carefully … when you understand the 4 types of conflict … and when you apply the right strategy to your particular conflict (Part of the The Relationship Factor MP3 album).   Learn More


Conflict MP3 only $11.97


Listening: MP3

How To Stay Tuned In So You Don’t Get Left Out

The average untrained listener only gets 25% of what is being said. And poor listening costs organizations millions of dollars and relationships millions of hurts. In this program you will learn 10 techniques that will double or triple your listening efficiency (Part of the The Relationship Factor MP3 album).   Learn More


  Listening MP3 only $11.97


Cooperation: MP3

How To Get People To Do What You Want Them To Do

No matter what job you hold, you’re in the “people business.” You’ve got to get people to work with you instead of against you … if you want to make money at work or make peace at home.  And that’s what you’ll learn to do when you absorb these strategies (Part of the The Relationship Factor MP3 album).   Learn More


  Cooperation MP3 only $11.97


Motivation: MP3

10 Ways Leaders Bring Out The Best In Others

You can motivate others … you can ask for what you want and get it … and you can engage higher levels of performance … if you have the right communication skills and use them in the right way. Learn how to motivate others at work and at home for a total win-win (Part of the The Relationship Factor MP3 album).    Learn More


  Motivation MP3 only $11.97


Support: MP3

7 Best Ways To Put Esteem And Respect Into Your Relationships

When people feel valued, connections are made, work gets done, and loyalty is developed. But how do you give your coworkers and family members the respect they need so your relationships are mutually satisfying and productive? (Part of theThe Relationship Factor).   Learn More


  Support MP3 only $11.97

Motivational Quotes

Motivational Dream Catchers:

100 Thoughts to Inspire Your Performance:

100 of the world’s most inspiring quotes from the “experts” over the ages. These quotes on Passion, Vision, Action, and Dream Making are interspersed with uplifting music … giving you the chance to hear a quote, think about the quote, and then let it sink into your mind as the music continues to inspire you. This is an investment in you and the future you want…. Learn More


   MP3′s for $28.00

Inspire Your Soul

Spiritual Pathfinders:

100 Scriptures to Inspire Your Soul:

100 Bible verses blended into 2 hours of music. Four themes: 1) When you’re weak and need strength, 2) When you’re down and need joy, 3) When you’re confused and need direction, and 4) When you’re troubled and need peace. The verses, interspersed with relaxing music, will inspire, direct, and motivate you to be where God wants you to be. Learn More


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Virtual Presentations



10 Ways to Become a More Positive Person

In today’s world of monumental change, in these times of enormous challenge, you simply can’t afford to be negative.  A negative outlook will defeat you faster than anything else … faster than a faltering economy, a lost pay check, or a floundering relationship. …Learn More


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Setting Sail Purpose

Setting Your Sail

How to Define Your Purpose and Live Your Dreams

There’s a lot more to life than going to work, getting a paycheck, paying the bills … and then getting up the next morning and doing the same thing … day after day … and year after year. That’s survival … but it’s not purpose…Learn More


  Setting Your Sail mp4 Video $197.00  Setting Your Sail mp3 Audio $59.00

Dealing with Difficult People

Difficult People

How to Spot Them and Stop Them

You don’t have to be the hapless, helpless victim of anyone’s difficult behavior anymore. “Difficult People:  How To Spot Them and Stop Them” is bound to make your life a little bit easier, and possibly a GREAT deal easier, once you learn to apply the communication strategies taught in this program.   Learn More


   Difficult People mp4 Video $197.00  Difficult People mp3 Audio $59.00

Greater Teamwork

Making Work Relationships Work

3 Keys to Building Stronger Relationships and Greater Teamwork

Like it or not, a good portion of your success depends on your relationships. If you can build strong, trusting, win-win, cooperative relationships … on and off the job … you’ve got it made.  Unfortunately, most people receive little or no training in how to make relationships work. And most people don’t have the slightest idea how to get others to do what they want them to do. Learn More


 mp4 Video Recording and Outline $197.00 mp3 Audio Recording and Outline $59.00

Emotional Intelligence

The Emotional Intelligence Edge

Volumes I, II, and III (Downloadable and Printable PDF eBooks)

Each volume is a very simple way to make the LAW OF EXPOSURE work for you. You will be feeding your mind the direction and motivation you need to put you on … and keep you on … the road to extraordinary success.   Learn More


   Volume I 9.97  Volume II 9.97  Volume III 9.97  All Three for $17.97!


The Time Saver’s Toolkit

30 Ways To Save An Hour A Day … At Work And At Home

Imagine what your life would be like if you could save 1 hour a day. Over the course of a year, that would be 365 extra hours! That’s a little over 15 extra days or 2 weeks on your calendar.   Learn More


  Presentation, Outline and Certificate of Completion  $197